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Thread: Super quick question needs an answer quick

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    Super quick question needs an answer quick

    Does the spark advance hack for the 7747 do anything to affect the setting of timing when you disconnect the bypass wire to set the timing?

    I am supposed to be 0 degrees and with the wire disconnected, I am at 8 degrees.

    I'm not sure if the distributor might have been set incorrectly or if the spark advance hack is causing this.

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    If the wire is disconnected the distributor is in base timing.

    Plug the wire back in....where does the timing go to in relation to what your idle SA map says?

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    Trying to make sure all my base adjustments are set up properly before I make any software changes.

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    As said, with the bypass disconnected, you are at base timing, and the ECM has ZERO control of the timing at that point, ergo, your dizzy is set at 8* not 0*.
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    Ok, that clears up the question of whether the spark advance hack is affecting the timing.

    Now set to 0 per the bin.

    I feel like i'm doing freaking circles right now trying to get the idle rpm / iac count situated.

    I'm not sure what scalar exactly is commanding the idle rpm, so I am going by the Max RPM Hot Pk/N in the bin for 900, but, I can't get to that because the throttle plate has to be opened up too much and the IAC counts drop to zero. The best I can get is about 650 rpm with the IAC counts running about 15, which seems to idle ok, but could use another 100 rpm.

    I'm confused.......maybe....

    I've got the Closed loop idle rpm's set around 700. Correct me if i am wrong, but it appears I need to tweak those up another 100 rpm to get to the 700 actual rpm with the IAC counts at about 15?
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