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Thread: long tube headers and o2 location

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    long tube headers and o2 location

    I have gotten into EEHack, Flashhack and TunerProRT and know the basics of how to get connected, view data, pull bins, modify (very limited) and reload.

    I have a bank 1 lean condition on a 94 LT1 that came from a Z28. It's now in a 79 malibu with long tube headers and the o2's are in the header collector. I believe the stock camaro o2 location is a bit staggered. Is it possible that the new location of the o2's are giving me the lean condition? Its actually lean on both sides but worse on the drivers side.

    Are there settings in tunerpro where I can adjust for this? If so, where are they. I looked and didnt see but maybe I missed it.


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    You should be fine with them in the collectors. Back to basics, do you have a leaky flange gasket? That will pull air into the exhaust and create a lean reading at the O2 sensor.

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    Good article. Thanks for posting the link.

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