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Thread: Need help disabling cam sensor on LT1

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    Need help disabling cam sensor on LT1

    Looking for assistance in disabling a cam sensor on Lt1.

    I am using a 411 pcm on my 96 camaro. Bought the pcm off ebay with a 12212156 bin with adjusted fans and transmission disabled and some other minor changes. I also downloaded the xdf file of this site but can't figure out how to disable the cam sensor using tuner pro.

    Can anyone assist?

    Currently running another tune but would appreciate the help.

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    Following, but I believe you will need a cam sensor signal as well as a 24 crank sensor signal for the '0411.
    The last month for me has been a OBD1 TBI project, so maybe I am missing something with the '0411 conversion.
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    You can't really disable the cam sensor. A cam sensor signal is not required for engine running. It is only used to determine TDC compression or exhaust stroke. On engine start with no cam sensor signal the PCM will fire the spark guessing if TDC is at compression or exhaust stroke. If engine starts it will continue to sync spark using only crank sensor signal. If engine does not start it wail wait 360 crank degrees and fire spark again which should then be correct. If memory serves me it has to see a cam sensor DTC to perform that operation so you can't just turn off the cam sensor DTCs in the calibration. i.e no cam sensor signal with no DTC will result in a no start.

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    You need the cam sensor. If you have to do the crank sensor re-learn, you need to ground the parking brake pinout. The PCM won't do the re-learn without the ground signal. I'll have to look at my notes to identify the pin #. There are smart people here that probably know it off the top of their heads. If you smart guys know it please share.

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    Thank you all for the replays. I'm new to car tuning but my understanding is that lt1 uses the optical sensor for cam position, with the 411 pcm and a stock tune from a Chevy express, l31, van it won't run well unless the cam sensor or optical sensor is disabled. Currently run a bin from a 2001 with it disabled, car runs good but I would like to try the bin I attached since it has better fan setting and speedometer is not completely off.

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