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    New Here

    Hey all, I'm working with a 0411 ECM in my LS swapped Camaro. I'm getting into tuning my car myself mostly because I need to make AC configuration changes and would like to do it open source. I'm curious if when I load a bin into Tuner Pro with an XDF, will the XDF populate the configuration in the BIN, or what is set in the XDF when it was created?

    Photo of my Camaro I'm working on.

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    Welcome to the fun!
    The .xdf is basically the road map for the .bin! They have to match or you will have odd readings or none at all.
    Read your PCM and get the .bin id! Then find a matching .xdf file and .adx file for logging.

    Note: Not all .bins have a matching .xdf, so you may have to find one that is closest to your configuration and go from there.
    There are dozens of how too and why's in this forum.

    Lot's of helpful folks on this forum.

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